Swords Are Not Acceptable Utensils At Pizza Hut

There is a time and place to pull out a sword when you are threatened, and that’s when you are He-Man and Skeletor unleashes an attack on Castle Grayskull. On the other hand, if you happen to, say, be inside a Louisville Pizza Hut and get in a heated argument, just keep that sword in its sheath. And ask yourself why you felt the need to bring it to the restaurant in the first place.

Fox 41 Louisville reports a woman disobeyed this advice, threatening employees with the sword and beginning to “raise it out of the sheath” before her brother grabbed it from her, then ran out and stuck it in their car. Police were called to the scene and officers were able to seize the weapon. The woman was charged with disorderly conduct and menacing.

What’s the oddest weapon you’ve seen someone carry?

POLICE: Louisville woman pulls sword at Pizza Hut [Fox 41 Louisville]

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