Mystery Drone Operator Drops Cash On Lunchtime Crowd In Michigan City

For all those times you’ve wished it would suddenly start raining money, the odds are you haven’t been that lucky… yet. The lunchtime crowd enjoying the great outdoors in Grand Rapids, MI enjoyed a fleeting brush with unexpected fortune when a mysterious drone flew over head, dropping cash as it flew.

According to, who had an employee on the premises when the drone flew over downtown around 12:30 p.m. today, people were scurrying around with joy. As one does when MONEY IS FALLING OUT OF THE SKY.

“It was hovering over the center of the circle and after a couple of minutes it dropped what appeared to be money,” the employee recalled. “Once people realized the cash was real, they swarmed to pick it up.”

It appears that all the money was single dollar bills, with about $50 getting dropped before the drone went on its merry way.

The MLive worker at the scene said it appeared the operators were standing on top of the JW Marriott hotel nearby, but officials at the hotel said they had no knowledge of a planned promotion or other occasion for a drone flight.

Mystery drone drops cash on downtown lunch crowd []

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