Allstate Running Ad Next To Rapture Story Is Genius

Next to a CNN news story about how The Rapture is predicted to occur this Saturday reader Ed noticed a little ad for Allstate insurance. (According to some beliefs, The Rapture is when Jesus returns to the Earth and pulls up all the chosen in the air to meet him and get whisked away to heaven. Then some really bad stuff happens down here.) The copy reads, “When it happens, you’re in good hands.” While no doubt the placement is accidental, and part of the effect comes from the intentionally vague and all-encompassing tagline, one does start to wonder how Allstate insurance could help out during the End of Days…

* Processing claims for all the dented roofs from people who were driving when The Rapture occurred
* Paying for repairs to homes fire-damaged by the golden censure being hurtled towards the Earth
* Allstate’s giant pair of “Good Hands” appear in the sky to catch everyone who, after second thought, is rejected from The Rapture.

(Thanks to Ed!)

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