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Progressive's Snapshot has been used by millions of drivers, but many more Progressive customers are just saying no to plugging the tracker into their car for six months.

Some Drivers Don’t Want Insurance Companies Tracking Them, Even If It Means Discounts

A longstanding complaint against auto insurance is that it sometimes lumps in drivers based on things — like location, type of car, and age — that may have little-to-nothing to do with a particular driver’s behavior or history. In recent years, some insurers have begun offering drivers a way to get more personalized rates by allowing the insurance company to track their vehicular movements, but many American consumers simply aren’t willing to share that information. [More]


LinkedIn Ads Will Now Follow You Around The Web. Here’s How To Opt Out

Because we can’t go anywhere online without some social network tracking our data and using it to cash in on targeted advertising, LinkedIn has created its own online ad network that will allow advertisers to follow you around the web based on the information that LinkedIn knows about you. [More]