Lush Agrees That My Pot Of Ocean Salt Is Lacking

Mike B. likes to get a nice scrub on with Lush Cosmetic’s Ocean Salt, so when he opened up his newly-arrived pot of said product and saw a gaping hole where product normally would’ve been, he was understandably a bit miffed.

Disgruntled over the lack of salty scrub, he tells he contacted the company and was pleasantly surprised to hear they agreed with him and replaced his paltry pot.

He says:

I emailed their generic customer service address and told them I was very disappointed with this and felt like I didn’t get what I paid for. In less than two days I had a very friendly response. They explained that other people have had this issue before and the Ocean Salt product is measured by weight, not by volume, and they do everything they can to keep packaging costs as low as possible so they don’t tailor each container to specific products, rather they have some basic sizes to hold multiple products. My Ocean Salt probably got a little shaken up during shipping. They apologized again and told me they would be sending me another Ocean Salt via express mail free of charge for my frustration. I was very impressed with the resolution and it was so refreshing to experience a company who still knows what customer service is.

Refreshing, isn’t it?

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