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Marriott Switching To “Made In The USA” Towels, Bath Mats In All U.S. Hotels

Soon, every time you step out of the shower and onto a bath mat to towel off at a Marriott hotel in the U.S., all that fabric you touch will have been made in America. The hotel company says it’s the first in the hospitality industry to move to exclusively U.S.- made towels and bath mats in all its 3,000 U.S. locations. [More]


Swiffer Gives Rosie The Riveter A New Message: “We Can Clean The Kitchen, Ladies!”

There are some institutions in our society you just should not mess with. Which is why it’s pretty darn surprising and disappointing to many out there that Swiffer chose to call up the image of Rosie the Riveter ( she of the We Can Do It! message that empowered women to head outside the home to work in WWII) in a new ad campaign devoted to doing something else — getting in the kitchen and cleaning. [More]


FDA Finally Solving The Burning Question Of Whether Antibacterial Soap Is Safe

You put it on your hands, wipe your utensils with it before they touch your food, slather it all over your body and generally dunk yourself in it throughout your life — but is antibacterial soap safe? Or rather, is its resident germ-killer, triclosan, ineffective or even not good for you? The Food and Drug Administration is working on an answer. [More]

Lush Agrees That My Pot Of Ocean Salt Is Lacking

Lush Agrees That My Pot Of Ocean Salt Is Lacking

Mike B. likes to get a nice scrub on with Lush Cosmetic’s Ocean Salt, so when he opened up his newly-arrived pot of said product and saw a gaping hole where product normally would’ve been, he was understandably a bit miffed. [More]