My Smuckers Uncrustables Has (Gasp!) Crust

You might need to take a deep breath and have a safe place to be when you read this next bit of food travesty. We cannot believe Consumerist reader Isabella had to go through what she did when she unwrapped a Smuckers Uncrustable sandwich snack.

All joking aside, if something is advertised to be crust-less, and you buy it, well, there really should not be any kind of crust involved. Not so, for Isabella, who opened her Uncrustable and found a crust.

She writes of the harrowing ordeal:

This sandwich is such false advertising. It’s not just the pinched bread; it’s the brown crust. What a disgrace.

Disgrace or not, she adds that she did, in fact, ingest the crustified bit of sandwich snackery, in an attempt to banish it from her sight.

Get your act together, Smuckers! When we say we don’t want crust, that means we don’t want crust!


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