BofA Loses Check That Would Have Saved House From Foreclosure

CBS 13 has the story of a man who fell behind on his mortgage payments who was told by Bank of America that unless he sent them $4,175 he would lose his house that he had spent years putting work into. So he managed to put together the money and sent it in as a cashier’s check. Then the bank lost his check.

They told him to just cancel the check and send a new one, but the cashier’s check wouldn’t become void for 90 days. The foreclosure was scheduled to happen well before then. He had sent the check in by certified mail and so he had proof that Bank of America got it, but they just said, “whoops.”

Bank of America said they lost the check because it didn’t have his loan number on it. But the man says he gave the teller payment instructions when he had them make out the check. The teller was a Bank of America teller.

The man was able to send in a new check from a friend and get the foreclosure action stopped, no thanks to BofA.

Call Kurtis: The Bank Lost My Mortgage Check And Is Auctioning Off My House [CBS Sacramento]

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