Google Teams Up With Samsung & Acer To Release Chromebooks In June

After the commercial success of its Android smartphone operating system and the growing number of people using its Chrome web browser, Google has announced that it has made a deal with Samsung and Acer to release a slate of PCs running the Chrome operating system.

These computers, dubbed Chromebooks, are scheduled to hit stores June 15.

From Google’s announcement:

At the core of each Chromebook is the Chrome web browser. The web has millions of applications and billions of users. Trying a new application or sharing it with friends is as easy as clicking a link. A world of information can be searched instantly and developers can embed and mash-up applications to create new products and services. The web is on just about every computing device made, from phones to TVs, and has the broadest reach of any platform. With HTML5 and other open standards, web applications will soon be able to do anything traditional applications can do, and more.

According to the company, the Chromebook boots in about 8 seconds and the battery will last for 6-8.5 hours of continuous use. There is also an optional 3G feature.

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