Google Drops “OK Google” Voice Prompt For Desktop Search

You can still perform voice searches on Google.

You can still perform voice searches on Google.

If you’ve been shouting at “OK Google” at your laptop all morning long, unsuccessfully trying to voice-activate a Google search, it’s not a problem with your computer.

VentureBeat reports that Google’s recent release of Chrome 46 not only added a number of new features, it also removed the phrase that triggered voice search on the company’s homepage.

Google says it made the decision to drop the feature from its desktop version of Chrome because it just wasn’t being used.

“OK Google” first debuted as an extension in late 2013, and was officially built into the Chrome browser in May 2014.

Consumers utilizing Chrome for mobile, as well as actual Chromebooks, can still use “OK Google” to start searches.

Desktop users that don’t have Chromebooks can conduct an almost completely hands-free inquiry on the engine by pressing the microphone icon.

Dropping “OK Google” is just the latest change for Chrome this week. VentureBeat reports that in about six weeks – with the release of Chrome 47 – Google will also do away with the notification center.

Google removes ‘OK Google’ voice search from Chrome [VentureBeat]

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