US Bank Replaces "Free Checking" With "Easy" Checking (Hint: It's Not Free)

US Bank was one of the last large banks to keep offering free checking but that will be no more after May 15. All customers will migrated over from “Free Checking” to “Easy Checking.” While it’s not certain how it might be any easier, like a US Bank truck drives to your house and picks up your deposits and gives you a free lollipop, it is certain that the checking accounts will have monthly maintenance fees. But you can avoid those fees if you sign up for the right level package and abide by certain behaviors.

The basic checking accounts will have a $6.95 monthly fee, which will be $8.95 if you don’t sign up for online statements. You can avoid this fee by keeping a $1,500 minimum balance or by making at least $500 in direct deposits a month. So it would appear they’re trying to reward customers with jobs.

If that’s a little steep for you, the cheapest way to avoid the fees is to sign up for a “silver package,” which doesn’t charge a fee if you transfer at least $25 a month to a Package Money Market Savings account. So it costs you $25 a month to avoid a $6.95 fee, but you get to keep that twenty-five bucks and grow it in a slightly higher interest savings account.

Here’s a PDF with a breakdown of all the new US Bank account types, fees, and how you can avoid them.

Checking With Choice [US Bank] (Thanks to Valen!)

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