Dish Network Doesn't Want Hospitalized Customer Back

E.’s dad has been in the hospital since February recovering from complications from heart surgery. The family didn’t expect him to be hospitalized this long, and his bills are in a bit of disarray. The only company not willing to work something out? Dish Network, which canceled his past-due account, which was still in his ex-wife’s name.

My parents have been Dish Network users for many years. In 2003, My parents got a divorce and my dad kept the house and the dish service which was under my mom’s name. My dad never got around to changing the service out of my mom’s name and fast forward to this year, it was still in her name.

In February, my dad had heart surgery, we expected the the hospital stay to last 1 week and had everything paid up to that point. In a nut shell my dad’s surgery went well, but he had some complications after the surgery that caused his heart to stop once and he had to be put on a ventilator twice. Currently, as of 4/25/2011, he is still in the ICU and a discharge date has not been set.

During this time, my dad’s finances were not our first priority and his accounts went past due. We were about to resolve all of his accounts except dish network. They cancelled the account in my mom’s name and are not willing to help out with the balance. My mom does not have the finances to cover this error and I am trying to help them out. I called dish network’s regular customer service and they has 0 sympathy in coming to a mutual resolution. After that, I called and spoke to a member of the Executive Resolution team (found the information on the, I got the same answer from her. Sorry but we do no budge on programming pricing.

It sounds like a EECB is my next step, I wanted to see what your thoughts were.

Yes, that sounds like a logical next step.

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