Reports: PSP Go Still Alive In U.S., DS Lite Dead

It seems it’s too early to read the PSP Go its last rites. Reports that the handheld video game device was going out of production were true only for Japan and Europe, because Sony said it will still produce the system for sale in the U.S.

A Sony rep told Joystiq “We are continuing production of PSP Go for North America.”

Meanwhile, GoNintendo delivers the news, via a GameStop memo, that Nintendo’s DS Lite handheld has been discontinued. Given that Nintendo has already followed the DS Lite with two generations of devices — the DSi and 3DS have since crowded it out of the market — the Lite’s departure was expected. And with Sony’s NGP handheld on the horizon, it’s only a matter of time until the outmoded PSP Go waves goodbye for real.

Sony ‘continuing production of PSP Go’ in America [Joystiq]

DS Lite has now been discontinued [GoNintendo via Destructoid]

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