Shrink Rayed Noxzema Jar Has 2 Fewer Ounces, Bonus False Bottom

Last year, Noxzema scooped two ounces out of their signature blue jars after a minor redesign. Mike noticed that the jar still appeared to be the same size as the previous 14-ounce incarnation, so he did the only logical thing one can do in this situation: he attacked the jar with a saw to confirm that it did indeed have a false bottom.

He writes:

I took these photos last year when I noticed Noxzema had changed their packaging.

Amazingly, the packages appeared to be the same size but the new one
held two fewer ounces ( 12 vs. 14).

I suspected a false bottom and cut the new package open. Crudely. With
a tree-pruning saw.




My suspicions were correct. Think how much waste is being created just
to deceive the public.

But hey, at least it’s still the “same trusted formula” according to
the label on the new package.

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