Don't Expect A Fine Dining Experience At The Target Pizza Hut Express

You can really work up an appetite on shopping excursions, so it makes sense for many consumers to hie themselves to the nearest source of food and chow down. Which is why reader Kevin B. and his family decided to eat at the Pizza Hut Express inside their brand new Target store. However, he says they had a less than savory dining experience.

Kevin wrote to Target to detail his dining misadventure, which includes dirty tables, slow and sullen staff and overflowing trash cans. Sounds appetizing! He’s CC’ed Consumerist on his EECB to Target, in the hope that perhaps they can clean up their act. A simple swipe of a table can go a long way.

His letter reads:

Today we went to the “brand new” store located in Oakland/Emeryville CA. After having a fair shopping experience and spending over $130 we chose to have a late lunch at the Pizza Hut Express located within the store. Here’s where our day was ruined.

To start, the young lady at the counter worked soooo slow. As if she was moving through molasses, she dragged her feet with every step…

Once we got our order we searched for a table to sit at but all tables that weren’t taken were filthy. Either guests had not cleaned up after themselves or your staff failed to claim responsibility in cleaning the dining area.

To make matters worse we had our two young children with us and they had to witness such filth. We kindly asked the young lady to clear a table for us and she quite literally glared at us. I couldn’t believe the lack of customer service sense let alone decency. Are these the people we can expect to represent Target??

So now, under protest, this girl cleaned just the one table and then stomped off to get back behind the counter. We ate quickly wanting nothing more than to leave and never return. Now it’s our turn to clear our table but we go to the garbage cans and they’re overflowing with trash to the  point that it’s spilling out onto the floor.

To make this even more tragic a Target employee nonchalantly tosses a bottle onto the pile which then tumbles to the floor. Sure they picked it up but they just move on and don’t bother to tell anyone of the overflowing cans. For a brand new store this was about as disgusting an appearance and behavior as I could have ever imagined.

Is this how your company trains people, to just not care? Is this how your Managers lead their staff? I’m nothing short of outraged at the demeanor of that young woman and the condition of the DINING area!!! I was so disgusted that I had to take pictures just to insure that I wasn’t seeing things and I had something to give you. The irony of course being that doesn’t even offer an email address for complaints.

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