Samsung Achieves Exciting New Levels Of Excessive Packaging

Welcome to Illustrated Storytime with The Consumerist! Today’s picture book is by reader Joergen, who found the excessive packaging of his Samsung printer cartridges so egregious that he took step-by-step photos of the box-opening process. Then the opening of the box within the box. Then the opening of the box within that box. And then..

I own a Samsung Color Laser Printer which prints happily and without any complaints:


Of course, after a while every printer needs a refill, so I ordered a CMYK pack at newegg.

The box was bigger than the original printer, but fortunately, the shipping department at newegg just put the shipping label on the box (Amazon would have stuffed into another box for sure). It arrived without a dent, the image shows the box after opening:


Inside the box was another box:


Inside the brown box were 4 boxes, padded with foam:



Each of the small boxes has some super tough bubblewrap inside:



and finally, some new toner cartridge inside:


I found the packaging amazingly overkill: UPS could have dropped it into my backyard from an airplane, and it would have had been fine. the box was about 13 times larger than the 4 little items inside.

To be fair, maybe you shouldn’t be so sure that UPS wouldn’t drop the package into your backyard from a plane.

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