Don't UPS Drivers Realize Customers Have Security Cameras?

A California man knew he wouldn’t be home when UPS was slated to make a delivery so he left a note for the driver saying the package could be delivered to his next door neighbor’s house. What he didn’t know was that UPS thinks “deliver” means “throw it over a fence and onto the neighbor’s porch from 10 to 12 feet away.”

“I, I couldn’t believe it. I mean I was just dumbfounded” says the homeowner, who posted footage from his home security camera on YouTube and got the attention of the CBS affiliate in Sacramento.

The supervisor of the local UPS hub played down the video clip (see first YouTube video below) saying the driver “tossed” the package.

When the TV station contacted UPS HQ, they were told that UPS “drivers know they’re to handle each and everyone of their 15.1 million packages delivered every day with care.”

Bur judging by just the few clips that took all of five seconds to find on YouTube, there certainly some drivers who think that handling with care involves throwing and kicking.

Call Kurtis: UPS Package Pitch [CBS Sacramento]

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