Church Group To Pray At Gas Station For Lower Fuel Prices

For the third time, members of a church group in Georgia will gather to pray for stability in the economy, lower fuel prices, and peace in the Middle East. Where will they gather? The gas station of their local Kroger, where else?

“If it doesn’t drop down to nothin’ but ten cents, I’m happy with that. But what I really want to believe God to do is drop down $1.50, hey, I’m glad with that, too,” the group’s pastor told a reporter from TV station WMAZ. The group hopes that there will be more prayer vigils on the first Saturday of every month for the near future.

No matter what your religious beliefs might be, we can all agree: this is still more effective than Internet-generated gas boycotts.

Dublin Group to Pray for Lower Gas Prices [WMAZ] (Thanks, Wayne!)

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