Social Media Campaigns Urge You To Avoid Getting Gas Today

In an effort to prove that demand for gasoline isn’t quite as constant as oilmen would like to think, consumer advocates are taking to social media sites to get drivers to skip trips to the pump today.

Various news outlets report that campaigns have sprouted up on Facebook, Twitter and by word-of-mouth to ditch gas stations in hopes that someone, somewhere, will get the message and stop gas prices from rising so fast.

WMBF Myrtle Beach spoke to an economist at Coastal Carolina University who says the campaign won’t have much impact. It stands to reason that it will take a sharp, extended decline in general demand that lasts more than a single day in order to tame gas prices.

Are you participating in the boycott? Why or why not?

As Prices Soar, Some Call For National Gas Strike [WSOC Charlotte]

Gas prices spark push for boycott [WMBF Myrtle Beach]

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