The Classic Commodore 64 Reborn As Modern PC

If you fetishize the look of old technology but are frustrated by how it can’t actually be used to perform present-day tasks, it’s time for a party. Commodore is making new PCs running Windows 7 housed in those familiar and beloved beige Commodore 64 shells.

The computer will have a a dual-core Intel Atom D525 1.8GHz chip, an Nvidia graphics card and you’ll be able to add a Bluray DVD player. It will even have the same keyboard as before with its comforting clicks and clacks. And it comes bundled with an emulator that lets you play games from the original, like “California Games.”

Commodore is taking orders for the $595 computers now and says they’ll start shipping in May.

Classic Commodore 64 lives again [BBC]

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