Jimmy John's Sandwiches Are Not Handcrafted In Liberia

Richard was enjoying a sandwich at Jimmy John’s when he noticed something odd about a sign on the wall. The patriotic placard, meant to advertise that the sandwiches are “handmade in the U.S.A.,” doesn’t have an American flag on it. It is nice and patriotic-looking and all. It what looks like the flag of Liberia with an extra white stripe at the top, which Richard was told is a “stylized American flag.”

I went to Jimmy John’s today for lunch outside of [redacted] and saw this sign on the wall.


I told one of the employees that this was the Liberian flag, and they said “Nope, it’s a stylized American flag.” It looks just like a Liberian flag with the stripe colors inverted. This may be a non-issue, but I figured you guys might like this.

Liberia, as you may remember from your history classes, is a country in Africa founded in the 19th century by people who were once slaves in the United States. (That’s a gross oversimplification, and the history of Liberia is fascinating.) Because of these roots, their current flag does resemble that of the United States. Here it is:


This reminds us of last year’s hilarious incident where Dollar Tree sold a 61-star American flag, claiming that it was a “patriotic banner” and not supposed to be a real American flag.

Dollar Tree Annexes Canada, Sells 61-Star American Flag

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