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Franklin, IN Police

Here Are Some Insightful Things That People Said About The Theft Of A Jimmy John’s Meat Slicer

Deli meat slicers are expensive pieces of equipment, and useful ones if you want to run a sandwich shop. Police in Indiana are looking for someone who cut through the ceiling of a Jimmy John’s sub shop and took a meat slicer, the store’s video surveillance system, some aprons, and… that’s pretty much it. [More]

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Video Shows Jimmy John’s Workers Using Dough As Jump Rope

When visiting a fast food restaurant for a bite to eat, we’re generally left in the dark about the goings-on behind the scenes. But every once in a while we get a glimpse of what’s happening in the kitchen, and it’s usually not that great — or sanitary. To that end: a new video appears to show workers at a Jimmy John’s restaurant in Florida using dough for anything other than making bread. [More]

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Jimmy John’s To Pay $100K In Illinois Settlement Over Non-Compete Clauses

Earlier this year, Jimmy John’s announced, as part of a settlement with the New York attorney general’s office, that it would stop using strict non-compete clauses preventing workers from taking their sandwich-craft elsewhere, even if they were fired. Now, JJ has entered into a similar agreement with the Illinois attorney general’s office that includes a $100,000 payment to establish education and outreach programs.  [More]

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Jimmy John’s To Stop Using Noncompete Clauses In Employee Contracts

While the fast food industry is known for high worker turnover and employees who go from one competitor to the next, the folks at Jimmy John’s apparently thought that the skills they provided to their workers were so special that employees had to sign strict noncompete clauses preventing them from taking their sandwich-craft elsewhere, even if they were fired. Now, as part of a settlement with the New York attorney general, JJ has agreed to stop using these restrictive employment agreements. [More]

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Jimmy John’s Jimmy John Decides Against Taking Sandwich Chain Public

With more than 2,000 sandwich-slinging stores across the country raking in some $2 billion a year in sales, Illinois-based Jimmy John’s seems like the perfect business to take public. But Jimmy John himself has decided against trying to cash in with an initial public offering. [More]

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Prank Or Honest Mistake? Jimmy John’s Renames Customer “Blumpkin”

Anyone who has ever seen their name go from “Mark” to “Mork” on the side of a Starbucks cup, or “Morran” to “Moron” on restaurant reservations knows that names sometimes get lost in translation when scrawled by a foodservice worker in a hurry. So how can you tell when it’s an honest mistake or you’re the victim of a rude prank? [More]

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Cucumbers Were Probably Culprits In E. Coli Outbreak At Jimmy John’s

Escherichia coli is a bacterium that’s part of the normal intestinal flora of warm-blooded organisms, including humans. It’s pretty harmless most of the time, but when “fecal contamination” between different organisms occurs, it can result in a very serious illness. It took more than a year, but authorities in Colorado have traced a September 2013 E. coli outbreak to one specific food: cucumbers from Jimmy John’s sandwich shops in three towns in Colorado. [More]


Jimmy John’s Makes Workers Sign Strict Non-Compete Agreements To Guard Its Sandwich Secrets

In any given area, there is a likelihood that a business nearby is going to be selling sandwiches to hungry customers. But workers who leave Jimmy John’s might have a tough time trying to find new employment after they’re employed at the sandwich chain, as a corporate non-compete clause puts some pretty strict limits on their post-Jimmy John’s careers. [More]

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Jimmy John’s Confirms Credit Card Data Breach At 216 Locations

Months after it was first reported that payment systems at sandwich chain Jimmy John’s may have been compromised, the company is finally confirming that 216 of its stores were indeed hacked, putting customers’ credit and debit card data at risk. [More]

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I Have No Sandwich Delivery And Local Jimmy John’s Loses Business Because Of Stupid Manager

Jason would really like to give the local Jimmy John’s a lot of business. So would other people in his town, it sounds like. But because his closest store is a franchise, it’s not allowed to deliver to him. He can call for delivery from other area restaurants that are further away, but not the one four minutes from his house. Yes, of course he could go pick up his sandwiches, and he often does, but that’s not the point. Most of the time when we call for delivery, we could go get the food but choose not to because it would require removing snow from the car or changing out of pajamas or loading children into a vehicle. [More]

Jimmy John's Veggie Sub Is More Of A Sad Wilted Lettuce Thing

Jimmy John's Veggie Sub Is More Of A Sad Wilted Lettuce Thing

No rational person expects fast food, or any restaurant meal, to look exactly like the promotional photos. There might be a passing resemblance, but they won’t look very much alike. Rachel had heard good things about sandwich chain Jimmy John’s from her friends, but they’re meat-eaters and she and her husband are vegetarians. But it’s not that hard to make a tasty sandwich without meat, right? The menu showed a nice sandwich packed with veggies and cheese, but what Rachel and Mr. Rachel got were sort of sad, mashed lettuce sandwiches. [More]

Jimmy John's Sandwiches Are Not Handcrafted In Liberia

Jimmy John's Sandwiches Are Not Handcrafted In Liberia

Richard was enjoying a sandwich at Jimmy John’s when he noticed something odd about a sign on the wall. The patriotic placard, meant to advertise that the sandwiches are “handmade in the U.S.A.,” doesn’t have an American flag on it. It is nice and patriotic-looking and all. It what looks like the flag of Liberia with an extra white stripe at the top, which Richard was told is a “stylized American flag.” [More]

Jimmy John's Denies Existence Of Dijon Mustard

Jimmy John's Denies Existence Of Dijon Mustard

Reader Jarrod wanted a plain (they call it a “Slim”) sub from Jimmy John’s with Dijon, rather than yellow, mustard. This is not allowed. These subs come with yellow mustard only. All customers requesting fancy mustard will apparently be told that there is none available, even if they are able to see it sitting there.

Consumers Speak: Jimmy John’s Jimmies with Coupons

John B. writes:

I recently went in to Jimmy John’s (http://www.jimmyjohns.com/) in downtown Indianapolis. While some might consider them YASC (Yet Another Sandwich Chain), my wife and I love them. Their #6 is one of the few vegetarian items at a fast-food place I can order without changing the order. It is a delectable sandwich, and quite affordable. I walked in a few weeks ago to pick up dinner, greeted by the familiar wafting bread smell, anxiously awaiting my precious #6.