Dollar Tree Annexes Canada, Sells 61-Star American Flag

This American flag found for sale at Dollar Tree has either fallen through a crack in space and time from a future when the United States has annexed Canada, or the Chinese company that produced it screwed up. Dollar Tree, for its part, claims that the flag is a “patriotic banner” and not supposed to be a regulation American flag. Right.

Yes, it’s a plastic flag, and it only cost a dollar, but Childress argues this is not just another decoration at a discount store.

“They can do that to Santa Claus; do what they want, change his face. But this is the flag, and it needs to stay that way,” Childress maintains.

The Dollar Tree assistant store manager wouldn’t comment on camera, but said the flag is sold as a “patriotic banner” — not as an American flag.

No. That’s not a patriotic banner. THIS is a patriotic banner.


That thing that Dollar Tree sold is an American flag marketed by morons.

Dallas store sells U.S. flag with 61 stars [WFAA] (Thanks, MaryAnn!)

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