GameStop's New Preorder Bonus: Dead Roaches

Here’s a horrible Gamestop shopping experience that we never would have expected: a customer bought a few inexpensive used games, got them home, and discovered that they were terribly buggy. And by “buggy,” we mean “the cases were filled with dead roaches and roach eggs.”

I discovered a new disappointment. I was there last week while my car was at the dealer getting the ecm replaced from a manufacturer recall. While I was waiting I walked across the street to a gamestop (after swearing them off years ago I thought Id pop in to see if things had changed) and the girl there wasnt exactly very nice, a little snotty to be honest but I brushed her off and I bought some cheap gamecube games. When I get home I open it up to find…


Yup, roaches, multiple ones. This game had 3 of them inside it and they laid eggs and stained the inside of the manual. The thing is you couldn’t have missed them when you put the used game in it, I certainly didn’t when I opened it and legs started falling out on my desk. Both gamecube games had roaches in it and the psp game I had picked up also had a roach head inside the umd case stuck in the back in plain view. Its not like they were behind the games artwork or something where you couldn’t see and its not like they were tiny or even just one.

So I called gamestop and told the girl answering the phone and her reply was “Well the games work don’t they?” and after a long pause gave me that big sigh and said if I have to return them I can in that kind of smarmy snide attitude. I called their customer service both on employee attitude and roaches and they said “Well that shouldn’t be, but we will certainly pass your comments along to the district manager of that store, can I help you with anything else?” and I hung up. After such shitty all around customer service and roaches I finally lost all faith in them.

Well, GameStop might not care, but the local health department might. Give them a call.

Gamestop amazes me yet again! [] (Thanks, Paul!)

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