NFL: Screwed-Over Super Bowl Ticket-Holders Offered Passes To Any Future Super Bowl

The saga of the 400 Super Bowl ticket-holders who arrived at the game only to find out their seats were deemed unsafe continues.

First, they were told they would receive refunds of $2,400, triple the $800 face value of the ticket. Which would be wonderful if many of them hadn’t paid at least five-times the face value for their seat.

Then, the NFL said the displaced fans would receive passes to next year’s Super Bowl. This is good for those who don’t care what teams are playing or who just intend on selling that pass to recoup their travel and lodging expenses from this year. And then there’s the whole issue of the looming league lockout that could mean no season next year, and thus no Super Bowl.

Now the NFL has announced that ticket-holders can either take the $2,400 and the transferable pass to next year’s big game or a second option:

“One free ticket to a future Super Bowl game of the fan’s choice, including next year’s if so desired, plus round-trip airfare and hotel accommodations provided by the NFL. This offer will be personalized in the ticketholder’s name and is not transferable.”

The NFL says it is currently attempting to contact the affected ticketholders.

NFL statement on options to be offered to fans without seats at Super Bowl XLV []

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