Ignore People On Craigslist Asking You To Halve Your Prices

One of the first annoying things you figure out when you try to sell a few things on Craigslist is that there’s these people who just seem to go around asking you to halve your price. It doesn’t matter what you’re selling or what the price is, invariably someone pops up and says “How about half? I’ll pick it up tonight.” Over at Blogging Away Debt she talks about how she said no to one of these price choppers, even though her husband got angry. Then she ended up relisting at a higher price and selling it. Win!

Sometimes people assume that if it’s a really low price, it’s crap, so actually setting a higher price can net higher sales.

“Lesson learned: Equally as important as not pricing yourself over the market is not pricing yourself UNDER the market,” she writes. “Plus, it felt really good to flash $130 cash to my husband.”

The Craigslist Lesson… [Blogging Away Debt]

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