At Subway, 'Any Purchase' Only Means A Sandwich

Maggie stopped by Subway on Valentine’s Day for a free cookie promotion. Mmm, cookie. While the promotion ostensibly was for a free cookie with any purchase, Maggie wanted to purchase a one cookie to get her free cookie. According to the Subway franchise she visited, this doesn’t work.

Today I went into Subway because they were doing a Free Cookie promotion, where you get a free cookie with any purchase. I didn’t feel like a sandwich, so I figured I would just buy a cookie and get one free. However, I then overhear a customer arguing with an employee and the employee insisted that you had to buy a sandwich in order to get the free cookie offer. I decided not to purchase anything at this Subway; instead I go home and double check the website and lo and behold there are no stipulations that you had to buy a particular something to get the free cookie deal. Apparently doing further reading there are people all across at different Subways that were either given the same line I was (with variations, such as they had to purchase a meal), or they weren’t even offered the cookie.

I understand that every Subway is franchise owned, which I guess apparently means that each store owner can make their own rules and ignore something as clearly advertised as “Free cookie with any purchase”. Why can’t Subway do something so that the restaurants are more standardized?

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