Shopper Sues Department Store Over 80 Cents

A woman in New Jersey has filed a lawsuit against Century 21 (the department store; not the real estate agents) because she claims she was short-changed by 80 cents.

According to the lawsuit, the customer used a $5 coupon to purchase $108.16 worth of stuff from the Century 21 in Paramus, NJ, on Jan. 10.

She went back a week later to return an item. But instead of getting the $17.97 she’d been expecting, she only received $17.17 because the store apparently pro-rated that original $5 coupon over all the items of that first purchase.

As a result, the lawsuit claims she’s “been injured as a result of defendant’s fraudulent conduct… By pro-rating the $5.00, the plaintiff lost the amount of $0.80 she would have been entitled to as part of a coupon she used.”

Mom sues Century 21 for 80 cents, argues department store ripped her off [NY Daily News]