Spot Fake Product Reviews By Looking For Marketing Speak

Online marketers are constantly trying to game the system by leaving puffed up reviews for their own products on online shopping sites. But they often leave tracks behind. One of the biggest is “marketing speak,” turns of phrase and words that no human would ever use to describe an actual experience they had. Coupon Sherpa says to look for the following red flags:

An overabundance of technical features with proper names, such as “X3000 1080p Upscaling technology”; info most normal buyers wouldn’t care about, like where the product was developed or tested; repetition of the exact product or company name; and profoundly “marketable” claims, such as “Product X will seamlessly connect your home theater system” or “If you’re looking for a deal, this is the product for you.” If the review includes any cons, they’re usually an aside that the item was expensive but worth the cost.

I also like to check out the reviewer’s history and see if they’ve left human-sounding reviews on other products, only review products under one brand or manufacturer, or have left a slew of glowing reviews within a short time span. For 15 other ways to spot fake online reviews, check out the post over at Coupon Sherpa.

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