Kardashians Sued For Fee-Drenched Debit Card, By The Card's Makers

The Kardashians have been sued over their Kardashian Card, a pre-loaded debit card they agreed to put their faces and names on and help promote. The card was slammed by critics and an AG almost as soon as it came out for the high hidden fees it hoped to extract from the teen audience it was targeting. But the plaintiff isn’t a government body or members of a class action, it’s the Kardashian’s former business partners.

They’re suing the Kardashians for breach of contract. “It’s our only choice,” the chief operating officer for the card company told the Fresno Bee. “We have been severely financially impacted.”

“All we wanted to do was put out a card with the girls’ picture on it and have their celebrity status sell it,” said the card company’s president and chief executive officer. “But it turned around on us.”

“The fees are not egregious,” said the COO. “They were average to low.”


Fresno firm sues Kardashians over debit card [Fresno Bee]

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