Woman Robs Girl Scout Of $92

A 7-year-old Girl Scout and her mom set up shop selling cookies at a Florida shopping center when a woman in her 30s allegedly decided that she preferred a wad of cash to Thin Mints. Police say the woman swiped $92 and sped off in her car.

The mother explains the alleged criminal’s smooth move in a WPBF story.

“I went over to her car and I had the box of cookies like this and I was counting out the money. She took the money and was acting like she was going to go in her purse, and she gassed the car and, like, almost ran me over.”

A passer-by found out about the plight and gave $100 to the girl.

What’s your favorite Girl Scout cookie, and how many boxes do you buy each year?

Woman Steals Girl Scout’s Cookie Money [WPBF via CNN]

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