Woman Robs Girl Scout Of $92

A 7-year-old Girl Scout and her mom set up shop selling cookies at a Florida shopping center when a woman in her 30s allegedly decided that she preferred a wad of cash to Thin Mints. Police say the woman swiped $92 and sped off in her car.

The mother explains the alleged criminal’s smooth move in a WPBF story.

“I went over to her car and I had the box of cookies like this and I was counting out the money. She took the money and was acting like she was going to go in her purse, and she gassed the car and, like, almost ran me over.”

A passer-by found out about the plight and gave $100 to the girl.

What’s your favorite Girl Scout cookie, and how many boxes do you buy each year?

Woman Steals Girl Scout’s Cookie Money [WPBF via CNN]


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  1. AustinDan says:

    This is why FARK has a “Florida” category.

  2. Rebecca K-S says:

    Well, that’s just wrong.

    I don’t buy GS cookies. If I want to give to an organization, I’ll donate no strings attached. If I want cookies, I’ll go to the store and buy one of the many varieties of GS cookies that are made by another brand and sold for cheaper.

    Or, you know. I make my own cookies at home.

    • imasqre says:

      What’s your Thin Mint substitute?
      Bc if it’s as good as the original…. I’m driving to Shoprite now.

      • Rebecca K-S says:

        Thin Mints are hands down my least favorite GS cookie, but Keebler’s Grasshoppers seem perfectly comparable to me, when I’ve had them. (I might feel differently if I liked chocolate-mint cookies.)

        • QuantumCat says:

          I’m fairly certain not liking Thin Mints is heresy. :)

          • Rebecca K-S says:

            That would not be the first time someone referred to me as a heretic.

            It’s funny, even though I don’t care for Thin Mints, I’m so cheap that on the occasion I do buy GS cookies, Thin Mints are what I buy, because it’s the heaviest box for the same price.

            • QuantumCat says:

              That I did not know! Makes me feel better about the rare occasions I do buy them.

              • Cheap Sniveler: Sponsored by JustAnswer.comâ„¢ says:

                Dulce de Leche and Samoas, I think, are the lightest weight. 15 cookies, 6 ounce box. But I’ve never found a substitute for Samoas, and besides, I can’t say no to a girl in uniform.

      • nbs2 says:

        I remember reading (here?) that the WM store brand taste tested as the superior choice for someone looking for a Thin Mint-like product.

      • outis says:

        Ritz cracker, drop of mint oil, allow the cracker to soak, dip in chocolate.

      • caradrake says:

        Walmart came out with a thin mint type cookie under their Great Value brand. It runs around $1.75 for a similar sized box. I don’t notice any difference in taste. I will buy a couple of boxes to support a friend’s daughter, but I don’t feel bad buying the ‘rip off’ the rest of the year. ;)

        Sooo good frozen!

    • jbandsma says:

      The thing about the cookies is that their sales fund troop expenses. If you give to your local Girl Scouts the money goes to support the office. Troops are severely restricted in what they can do to raise money and anything other than cookie and calendar sales not only need permission from the local organization but the national as well and you have to have a LOT of justification. So, if you don’t want to buy cookies but do want to support the girls, donate to a troop.


      • Rebecca K-S says:

        That’s good information – thank you.

        • LadySiren is murdering her kids with HFCS and processed cheese says:

          Yep, jbandsma has it right. As a former GS leader, I can tell you that most troops try to keep dues very low (the dues that I asked – not demanded – from the girls was $.50). However, most activities and supplies are funded with the proceeds of cookie sales. We didn’t get much from the national offices; most of what was spent was either earned through our efforts or was paid for out of leaders’ pockets.

          Loias, why so negative on GS? I was a Daisy leader, which is the youngest age group GS serves; I covered all of our activity and supply costs out of my own pocket, as Daisies aren’t allowed to participate in cookie sales. I didn’t mind paying for these things, as I always felt like I was doing something positive for the girls in my troop and in turn, the community.

          Sure, there are things that could definitely be improved in scouting but personally, I thought it was a worthwhile endeavor. The only reason we’re not still in scouting is that my own girls decided they wanted to give sports a try and we simply don’t have time for both.

          • cupcake_ninja says:

            Daisies are permitted to sell cookies this year, but not booth sales. I think Daisy Troops have the option of not selling cookies at all if they don’t want to. I think it’s kind of a good thing though. Some Daisies are so painfully shy that they have a hard time calling grandma up to ask her to buy a box of cookies. It’s a good, no pressure way to help them come out of their shell and boost their confidence.

            • LadySiren is murdering her kids with HFCS and processed cheese says:

              Ah lucky – they must’ve changed it. I haven’t been a leader for two or three years now, but back then, we weren’t allowed to participate at all. It was okay though; I found lots of lower-cost ways of helping the girls through our curriculum (and having a blast while doing it).

            • bobosgirl says:

              actually, in our area Daisies ARE allowed to sell at booth sales….

      • Loias supports harsher punishments against corporations says:

        This is why the GS program needs to be eliminated entirely.

        • jbandsma says:

          I don’t know why you say that. I had 2 troops in the hardest age levels (12-18). Not only hard age levels but in a very poor area. We funded almost everything we wanted to do with cookie sales and were able to keep from embarassing the girls whose families weren’t able financially to pay for a lot of the things we did. Also in our council, the council’s portion of cookie sales bought our main camping facility (153 acres, several buildings, horse program, etc) and when the camp was paid off the profit went into paying for ‘camperships’ to allow low income girls to take advantage of summer camp.

          You also have to remember that, unlike Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts do not deny opportunities to gay, lesbian or athiest girls or adults.

          • greggorthechamp says:

            Yup, the Girl Scouts are a good organization, and I feel good about buying cookies from them.

        • Erika'sPowerMinute says:


        • Duke_Newcombe-Making children and adults as fat as pigs says:

          Loias…if you want to set the hook properly, you need a little more wrist action, please.

      • CaughtLooking says:

        Yep, the cookie sale is the single largest fund raising event for the GS.

      • cupcake_ninja says:

        Exactly. The purpose of Girl Scout Cookies isn’t a fund raiser for the Girl Scout organization itself. It’s a fund raiser for the specific Troop that’s selling the cookies. The money raised (the Troop gets a small percentage of the cost per box of cookies) helps pay for things like camps and other fees. Each girl in the Troop have to pay for their own things such as uniforms, camp expenses, dues, patches, help offset the cost of fuel for the girls to get to their service projects etc. It adds up, so when you buy a box of cookies, the money they earn from it goes towards helping the girls pay for those expenses. So if you’re going to donate in place of buying a box of cookies, you are much better off writing a check to a specific Troop rather than the Girl Scout organization itself.

        Additionally, the Girl Scouts have an option for you to buy a box of cookies to donate to their Hometown Hero. You basically drop the $3.50 or whatever it may be in your area, and ask the Girl Scout to donate the box of cookies. Often times it’s to a place like a local fire station, retirement home, things like that.

        • physics2010 says:

          Ah yes. It’s just for the troops that make 10-15%, 50+% going to the council, and rest going to the manufacturer. If you really want to donate directly then do it in cash. This is contrary to a normal donation practice, but a check or anything else is accountable, and again the council gets their piece of the action.

    • ovalseven says:

      I buy them just to make the little girls happy. Besides, they’re delicious.

    • fourclover54 says:

      The Girl Scouts don’t really get that much money per box anyways, so donating straight to them is probably better (unless you want some Thin Mint action, which I do)

    • Dre' says:

      Please tell me where I can find samoa clone cookies.

  3. Cheap Sniveler: Sponsored by JustAnswer.comâ„¢ says:

    Dear Consumerist,
    this is enough food stories. Don’t you realize that I’m on a diet? Your food stories make me have these uncontrollable urges. It’s not my fault. This is all your fault that I am completely unable to take any responsibility for myself. Besides, I have a gland problem.

    You’ll be hearing from my attorneys.

  4. kjherron says:

    Wait, they already have cookies to sell? Around here, we’re still pre-ordering.

    • BlackBirdTA says:

      Some areas just order what they think they’ll need and sell direct. In Central Texas, we sell them for 5 looonnnggggg weeks.

    • pdj79 says:

      There are different bakery agreements for each region. Some put in a huge initial order and begin their sale when the cookies are ready while others do the pre-order first to gauge demand before the bakery actually produces the cookies. This can also vary wildly within the same state if they are serviced by a different bakery. Here in Indy we won’t receive our initial shipment until Valentine’s Day weekend whereas Ft. Wayne, just 110 miles north, has been selling the real deal for over a week now.

  5. QuantumCat says:

    Who does that? That’s just awful. I’m glad they at least got donations to cover the loss, it might have made the girls feel better about the deal.

    Also, I’m apparently a little slow–why did the thief have $92 of their money to drive off with? I know it’s obvious, I’m just doing 1 + 1 and getting “dur?”

    • Rebecca K-S says:

      Yeah, I was wondering that, too.

    • pecan 3.14159265 says:

      Yeah, I’m not sure why the mother would be counting their cookie money while she was walking to the car to give her a box. I mean, I can understand carrying some dollar bills to make change, but $92 is an outrageous amount to carry in hand in full view of the public. I think it’s most likely that the lady didn’t plan to rob them, but because she saw the woman with a stack of cash in her hand, she decided to take advantage.

      • QuantumCat says:

        Creative username. I laughed. :)

      • jbandsma says:

        After 20 years of Girl Scout cookie sales, I could tell you some horror stories about parents helping with the sales.

      • pdj79 says:

        I have a problem with this, too. My wife is a leader of 2 troops and she attends/leads training every year for the new leaders on the etiquette and procedures for cookie booths. Surely our council isn’t the only one who does this.

        For starters, booths are never just one child and parent…they are very strict on each booth having two adult volunteers and 2 members of the troop. They are so anal on that detail that they actually send “mystery shoppers” to the various booths (which they have a list of all registered booth locations and times) to make sure there are following this rule. My wife’s Junior troop actually got flagged because one of the adults brought 2 of their kids with her. Get multiple infractions and you are no longer allowed to run a booth. So, having said that, this sounds like it was either a non-approved booth or severely under-manned.

        And the other big “no-no” for booths is you’re never supposed to follow someone to their car or leave the booth to complete a sale. This isn’t just a Council rule, but it’s also a requirement by the stores. Not for nothing, but we’re technically given permission to harass customers as they walk out of stores (pisses me off to see troops put on the hard sale as people are walking in….like I really want to carry a box of cookies around with me while I’m trying to shop). The intrusion we make in that brief window is more than enough…if we chase them into the store or out to their car, we’re making a bad impression not only for Girl Scouts, but for the business that allowed us there. So for this parent to make the sale at someone’s car, while they are seated in their car, and to give them the opportunity to grab money from your hand and leave, is just careless on the adult’s part. I’m not condoning what they did because it disgusts me….I’m just saying that the parent got off lucky with the good samaritan handing them their shortfall. Council would have made them eat that loss and pay it out of their own pocket.

        If you REALLY want some horror stories, you should hear about all the times the “cookie moms and dads” make off with the money the troops have collected or “borrow” against all the cash they get and then can’t repay before it’s due. Now there’s a REAL story.

    • Qantaqa says:

      I was going to post this question but I thought I was just having a usual mid-afternoon brain hibernation. My guess is she was trying to give her change and the woman just grabbed the whole box? But then I’m wondering why she mentioned her “looking like she was going to put it in her purse.”

      Sidenote, if made up, this could make a great episode of Lie to Me.

    • ReaperRob says:

      I read this and the original article, and something just doesn’t sound right. I can’t put my finger on it, but it’s odd.

      • danmac says:

        “Here…I owe you $8 and all I’ve got is a $100 bill…while you count the change, I just gotta look for it in my purse…hmmm…where is that $100 bill…”

        *snatch/drive attack*

  6. Necoras says:

    Why is there a question about what readers here like to eat in a story about crime? I understand the products are related, but seriously this is like saying

    “There are snakes in a house and nobody wants to pay much for it. So what style is your house and how much did you pay for it?”

    See the problem here?

    • QuantumCat says:

      Good point. I like Thin Mints… I never buy any, though. I’m pretty sedentary and managing caloric intake’s enough trouble without adding overly delicious cookies to the mix.

    • Cheap Sniveler: Sponsored by JustAnswer.comâ„¢ says:

      Yea, that surprised me too. Kinda like,

      “Woman takes candy from baby, then hacks baby into bloody pieces .”

      “I like candy. What kind of candy do you like?”

    • haggis for the soul says:

      Yeah, I hate when that happens.

    • raydee wandered off on a tangent and got lost says:

      I always hated spoonfeeding in discussion areas; most of the commenters here are reasonable adults, and we can find our own things to discuss related to the topic at hand. Calls for advice or stories of similar situations are fine, but questions like these, which are only vaguely on topic, serve no point.

  7. Straspey says:

    Today’s Consumerist “Fast Food” Menu (Updated):

    Taco Bell President Responds To “Meat Filling” Lawsuit
    January 26, 2011 9:15 AM

    DiGiorno’s Pizza And Cookies Combo Is Watershed Moment In American Obesity
    January 26, 2011 10:00 AM

    Fans Of Lion Tacos Can Now Cancel Tucson Travel Plans
    January 26, 2011 11:15 AM

    Why Won’t Burger King Share Its “X-Tra Long” Burgers With America?
    January 26, 2011 12:15 PM

    Woman Robs Girl Scout Of $92 – What’s your favorite Girl Scout cookie, and how many boxes do you buy each year?
    January 26, 2011 2:30 PM


  8. Iaimtomisbehaveintheblack says:

    I am partial to the peanut butter ones…although I have not bought any in the last few years…

  9. El_Fez says:

    Ah yeah – you stay classy, Florida!

    • caradrake says:

      We will! Don’t worry. ;)

      *bangs head on desk* I love Florida. I really do. I wish the idiots would stop doing stuff to give Florida a bad name!

  10. msky says:

    Just had thin mints here in london today. One of the guys brought them from NYC.

  11. Videorr says:

    Stopped buying Girl Scout cookies last year when they stopped making the no sugar added varieties. At least there were none available in my area.

  12. Cheap Sniveler: Sponsored by JustAnswer.comâ„¢ says:

    List of girl scout cookies of the past: http://baking.about.com/od/familybaking/a/girlscoutcookie_3.htm

    Caf̩ Cookies (crispy cinnamon cookie caramelized with brown sugar) Р45 cookies per 10 ounce box. (No longer available.)

    Cartwheels (a reduced fat cinnamon-oatmeal cookie.) – 30 cookies* per 7 ounce box. (No longer available.)

    Cinna-Spinsâ„¢ (crispy cinnamon snack swirls that come in 100 calorie packs.) – five .85oz. packs with net weight of 4.25oz.

    Daisy Go Rounds – (small reduced fat cinnamon cookies) – 5 individual serving sacks in 4.2 ounce box

    Double Dutch (chocolate – Chocolate Chip) – 17 cookies* per 7 ounce box. (No longer available.)

    Ice Berry Piñatas (reminds me of raspberry-filled Danish) 14 cookies* per 7 ounce box. (No longer available.)

    Lemon Coolers (powdered sugar-covered cookies with lemon chips in the inside) – 33 cookies* per 7 ounce box. (No longer available.)

    Lemon Pastry Cremes (low fat) (lemon sandwich cookie with lemon filling) – 16 cookies* per 7 ounce box. (No longer available.)

    Reduced Fat Daisy Go Roundsâ„¢ (crispy cinnamon cookies) – 5 servings* per 4.2 ounce box.

    Sugar-Free Chocolate Chips (chocolate chip cookies) – 15 cookies* per 5.5 ounce box.

    Sugar Free Little Browniesâ„¢ (chewy chocolate cookies with chocolate chips in them) – 20 cookies* per 5.5 ounce box. (No longer available. Good thing, too as these were not well liked.)

    • nbs2 says:

      They also have cheaped out on the Lemon Chalets. They used to be good sized rectangles – now they are weak little TM sized rounds.

    • Kimaroo - 100% Pure Natural Kitteh says:

      Five World Cinnimon isn’t on that list.. that was my favorite.

  13. balance776 says:

    I wont support either Scout organization, even though I loved the boy scouts as a kid…

    Both groups take federal money for their organizations, but are completely discriminatory in their practices. I can’t support any organization that feels it is right to discriminate against children based on religious and anti-gay reasons.

  14. LeonardoLeonardo says:

    “A passer-by found out about the plight and gave $100 to the girl.”

    Sounds like a pretty good con to me.

  15. mac-phisto says:

    as a former pizza guy, here’s a little tip to help avoid theft (& possibly even assault): don’t carry all your money in a wad or keep it all in the “lockbox” on your bake sale table. you should only have enough money to make change on your person (or in your lockbox) & drop the rest into a more secure location (i’d say repeated drops to mom’s minivan in a case like this). make it a point never to “flash the cash”. thieves are opportunistic & most won’t bother the risk of being caught over a few bucks.

  16. BlackBirdTA says:

    I guess our council has some stricter rules about “booth sales.” There must be 2 adults and 2 – 4 girls at a sale; we can’t just set up shop at a business — it has to be offered to all troops through the council; and we are told to NOT go up to people’s cars.

  17. PencilSharp says:

    Sigh. Already tagged for:

    1 box Thin Mints
    1 box Samoas (sorry, they are NOT Caramel Delights!)
    1 box Lemonades (The Beloved Wife’s fave with her hot tea)
    1 box PB Patties
    1 box Shout Outs: These are the new ones in our area. Supposedly, they are “Belgian-style caramelized cookies.” These should be my go-to cookies for coffee…

    Finally, I shall never… and your Uncle Pen means NEVER… apologize for GS cookies!

    /Former Daisy Scout Troop Leader
    //Yes, I’m male.
    ///Don’t ask.

    • Cheap Sniveler: Sponsored by JustAnswer.comâ„¢ says:

      I don’t have to ask. I was a single dad – I took my girl to all her brownie meetings, was “mommy” for all the mother / daughter things, did the cookie sales – and the daddy / daughter dance.

      Wouldn’t have missed it for the world. (Her Mom lost out, big time)

  18. Mold says:

    Wow, the courage it takes to snipe a 7 yo child!
    Assuming the theft is real, I have more disgust at the Trashie who took the cash.

  19. coren says:

    BTW, not that this is in anyway the girl or the mother’s fault, but they were selling carside (which is forbidden by girl scout rules). That’s how this lady was able to be a hasty retreat and why the mother had more than a few bucks on hand to steal (although her quote still doesn’t make sense – she took the money and was acting like she was going to go in her purse…what?)

  20. balance776 says:

    I do love the cookies however, but i’d rather get the cheaper knockoffs many have mentioned. since they are basically the exact same cookies…

  21. mavrick67 says:

    Unfortuntely, this is not an uncommon story. From March 2010: http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2010/03/19/earlyshow/main6313926.shtml

    and from Feb 2008, also in Florida:

  22. momtimestwo says:

    My daughter is a girl scout. I hate cookie time, they only get like .62c from a $3.50 box of cookies. The rest of the money goes to the local council and the people who make the cookies. However we usually make, as a troop of 8 girls, $400-$800, which goes for our troops activities (admission to places, supplies, renting a cabin) and a small amount gets put away for a trip to Savannah in a few years. And even that trip had to be approved, you can’t end the year with excess money. My daughter only sells to relatives, and a booth spot, which BTW causes a lot of stress trying to reserve a spot at a good location.

    But even though cookie time is a PITA, Girl Scouts is a great organization who include every girl that wants to join. It doesn’t matter if you are white, black, green, rich or poor, pray to the frogs and your parents are gay, every girl is welcome. Unlike the “other” scouting organization for the boys…

    • mac-phisto says:

      BSA was the same way with their fundraising. we used to have to sell those stupid popcorn tins – they boast that something like 75¢ of every dollar from the purchase goes back to local scouting, but our troop only made a few cents off each tin – the rest went to the council. we made more money collecting cans & selling the scrap to a recycling center in one month than we ever made selling popcorn during all the years i was in scouting.

    • bobosgirl says:

      actually, part of the cookie price goes to her troop, and part goes to the local council, and another part goes to her service unit. Alltold, over half the price stays right in your area, and if your daughter goes to camp with her service area or an area event, she gets the benefit of those cookie sales there, too.

  23. MMD says:

    The thing that bugs me about Girl Scout Cookie sales is that one of the stated goals of the sale is to teach Girl Scouts about entrepreneurship…but they forbid selling or even advertising the cookies online. What kind of entrepreneurial strategy doesn’t involve the web these days? Way to make your teachings pretty irrelevant to the modern world, Girl Scouts of America…

    • jbandsma says:

      That’s a United Way requirement, not necessarily a primary GS one. No council can afford to lose the United Way money (and they only get about 10% of what’s given to Boy Scouts) and a troop not following the rules can make things miserable for the whole council.

    • jbandsma says:

      And, btw, it’s Girl Scouts of the USA. Some years ago Boy Scouts of America trademarked the ‘of America’ part and sued Girl Scouts to remove it from the name. So Girl Scouts cannot use ‘of America’ and must be ‘of the USA’.

  24. areaman says:

    This post needs a Florida tag in the “more about” area.

  25. bwcbwc says:

    Again? We had one of those in the same area last year…That time it was a teenager, though.

  26. Tansey says:

    Wow…I can’t believe someone would do that to a little girl. And for $92? I hope they catch that woman and make her stand outside a Wal-Mart, or some other popular shopping center, wearing a sign that says “I stole money from a girl scout.”

  27. FrankReality says:

    There’s a special place in hell for the thief.

    As for which kind I get, I don’t buy them myself. I really try to stay away from cookies in general.

    I have a rule at work – I promise not to inflict my kid’s fund-raising projects on my coworkers, if they don’t push your kids’ fund-raising projects on me.

    Fortunately, some people at work buy ’em and bring ’em in so I get a taste of a few – which is enough for me.

    For the record, I do contribute cash to my local Boy Scout council, but not to the Girl Scouts – sorry.

  28. HogwartsProfessor says:

    I like Thin Mints and shortbread. I’m not buying any this year because I still have two boxes in the freezer from last year. I don’t eat them very fast at all.

    That woman deserves a smack in the mouth. With a cold freezer box of cookies.

  29. bobosgirl says:

    Sigh. This pains me. Bless the good samaritan who replaced the money. Mom of 4 girls, and scout leader to a super troop of 29 ( yep, you read that right) little girls from age 6 to 13. before the “is she nuts?” remarks start- I started this for my own daughter, but have grown to love the sweet girls who really want to be there, to share the friendship and caring and sisterhood of scouts. I truly believe that I am making a big difference to some of these girls.

    That said, cookies are the only way I get all these girls to activities all year long. We sold over 3000 boxes of cookies last year. We also take donated boxes, and last year we donated them to meals on Wheels. This years donations are being shipped to the military, and taken to a homeless shelter. My faves are thin mints :)

    And to dispute some items already posted here- Daisies CAN sell cookies at booth sales, and more than 60 cents of each box stays with the scout. Part stays with her local “service unit” and another part stays with her local council. It pays for local camps, service unit activities, and local awards.

  30. kagroves says:

    I have always been nuts over the Samoas/Caramel Delights. I love the Thin Mints and Shortbread/Trefoils too! Samoas, though, are the best! My husband swears that if I had a choice between him and a box of Samoas, I would pick the cookies. I tell him “hell, yeah!” Chocolate, caramel, and toasted coconut…what more could you ask for?

  31. January says:

    Maybe it was Stefanie Woods.

  32. Midnight Harley says:

    I never see any girl scouts selling cookies these days. This is probably the reason. I would gladly buy some cookies from yall!