Disneyland Scraps Reported Plan To Limit Roaming Characters

Part of the appeal of taking your kids to Disneyland is the ambiance. You know — the opportunity to watch their eyes light up when they gawk at an underpaid actor dressed up in a demeaning mascot suit amid your day of magical line-waiting.

A MousePlanet report said that Disney planned to limit roaming characters in order to coax more customers to pay for the privilege of semi-private meet-and-greets. Possibly backing down to public outcry, Disney says its initiative has nothing to do with restricting access to characters, but providing customers more opportunities to see Mickey and the gang. Most importantly, Disney says it will not restrict certain characters from roaming its parks, as was the alleged original plan.

What’s your favorite amusement park? Do you value the presence of roaming mascots or do they skeeve you out?

Roaming Charges: Disney Denies Plan to Clamp Down on Characters [via MousePlanet via Ain’t It Cool News]

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