White Castle Offers Test To See If She Really Loves You

If your love is true — I’m talking love as deep as what you’ll find in Before Sunset or the hearts of Buffalo Bills fans — it can survive absolutely anything, including the complete forgetting of Valentine’s Day or its utter degradation, which would encompass dinner reservations at White Castle.

The cult favorite burger joint offers up a way to test that love. Set up a reservation for two at a participating White Castle, and if your significant other takes it in stride, your love is either everlasting or the relationship is so lifeless that you’ll be stuck together for eternity due to inertia. If you’re left alone in a huff, at least you’re in for a night of greasy goodness.

What’s the least impressive place you’ve dined with a loved or liked one on V-Day?

Valentine’s Day at White Castle [White Castle]
(Thanks, Chris!)

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