Yankees Cut Me Great Deal: 5 Tickets For The Price Of 6

A Yankees fan who is so hardcore that he buys actual tickets to physically go to games, Scott not only has to deal with the failure to land Cliff Lee but also a missing ticket from his six-pack order. The screw-up is thanks to a mailing snafu he can’t seem to get the club to address.

Noting that the tickets were guaranteed to arrive by Christmas, he writes:

I’m not sure if I’m e-mailing the right address but I’m a little frustrated and not sure where to turn.

On December 7th I ordered a 6 pack of single game tickets to 6 different Yankees games (Holiday Pack E). They were guaranteed to be here by Christmas and some were.

They e-mailed on December 17th to say there was an error with the printing of one of the tickets. I received a call saying they couldn’t ship to my PO Box so they’d need a physical address. I gave it to them and they said to call them at that number with any other questions.

Scott says the Yankees then FedExed him four of the tickets, along with a reprinted ticket a couple days later. He’s still missing that last ticket, and nothing he’s tried the past few weeks has gotten the team’s attention:

I’ve e-mailed them through their web site four times and have not even received an automated response. The last attempt was tonight on Twitter to @Yankees and @YankeesPR. I’m not holding my breath. Any ideas or help? I know it’s almost 3 months away but I paid for 6 tickets and I received 5.

What would you do if you were Scott? Other than wish Derek Jeter would retire already.

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