Amazon Deals App For iPhone Launches

Amazon has put its Gold Box Deals into iPhone form with this week’s launch of its new Amazon Deals app. Buying things you don’t need while on the go just got easier!

The centerpiece of Amazon’s “Gold Box Deals” are items that get a discount for just one day.

The app lets you check out the current deals,, and buy Gold Box deals right from you phone. You can also schedule reminders and get push notifications when deals in your favorite categories pop up.

They tend to sell out quickly so if you’re into keeping up with and playing that kind of shopping game, this app could come in handy.

Amazon Deals [iTunes Store via ShopSmart]


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  1. Economists Do It With Models says:

    The app is very buggy, as evidenced both by the reviews and my personal attempt to use it. Isn’t the app store gatekeeper system supposed to prevent this?

  2. SonarTech52 says:

    The centerpiece of Amazon’s “Gold Box Deals” are items that get a discount for just one day.

    So like Woot?

    • danmac says:

      Kind of like Woot…there’s one “daily deal”, but there are also side deals that change on an hourly/bi-hourly basis.

  3. evilrobot says:

    Why so many apps Amazon?

    I love you, but this irritates me.

    • Hank Scorpio says:

      How ’bout it. Why not just put everything in one app and call it a day?

    • iopsyc says:

      Agreed. My Amazon app already includes the deals feature. It also supports one click purchases and wishlists, and searches, and more. I don’t understand why someone would choose an app that has limited functionality.

  4. Red Cat Linux says:

    I don’t mess with the gold box deals online. Why would I want an app for that? My regular Amazon app works just fine with the barcode reader, thankyewverymuch.

  5. Bsamm09 says:

    Amazon on my iPhone has cost me hundreds of $$$ in drunken impulse buys.

    Big ups to my: Chin-up bar, Slayer tapestry, Flavor-wave oven, Marilyn Monroe poster and Fishbone T-shirt, among others…

  6. Hank Scorpio says:

    The last thing I need is easier access to Amazon Goldbox.

  7. witeowl says:

    Yay! Consumerism at its finest!

    Wait… Is that a T or an M at the end of this site’s name?