It’s Time For Another Visit To Target’s Reality Vortex

We’ve known for a long time now that Target has a very loose grip on reality. Here are three more pieces of evidence that the discounter just isn’t in the same reality as the rest of us.

If Target were a person, it would be frantically stabbing at its food with one of these “forks,” trying to figure out how everyone else at the table eats their mashed potatoes so quickly.


Joseph discovered this baffling sale at a Target HHGregg store back during the holiday shopping season. 25% off all headphones….and 25% off select headphones. Anything is possible in Target’s universe. Apparently, the confusion is now spreading to other big-box stores.


Meanwhile, Kimberly in Maine discovered that her local Target store values consistency over logic. No matter what, a box of Golden Grahams will always cost $2.54. It doesn’t matter whether your cereal is name-brand or generic. It doesn’t matter whether it contains twelve or sixteen ounces of cereal. It must always cost $2.54.


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