The Easter Bunny Continues To Creep Into Father Christmas' Candy Territory

While most of us are in the full throes of dancing sugarplum dreams and peppermint bark binges, it seems the Easter Bunny (or at least Cadbury) is not to be deterred in his efforts to overthrow the Christmas candy season — a seasonal creep we have come to call “Premature Resurrection.”

After a reader sent in a picture of Easter treats on display at a Kroger in Indiana, another observant candy connoisseur has sent us more evidence of this delightfully tasty holiday war — a display advertising Cadbury Creme Eggs for the low low price of two for $1.

Reader Susan snapped the picture at a Fry’s Marketplace in Mesa, AZ. Although we think most candy has its proper season to be enjoyed, if this means Cadbury is going to offer us their drool-worthy, sugary cream-filled chocolate egg goodies all year round, we can’t really complain.

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