Dedicated Domino's Driver Scales Icy Hill To Deliver Pizza

Some of you may remember the Domino’s driver who slogged through a couple feet of flood water while making his rounds. Well, here’s his cold-weather counterpart.

Last week when the streets of Marietta, GA, iced over, one Domino’s driver realized he wouldn’t be able to get his car up to his destination at the top of a long, winding uphill road. But rather than ask the customer to come down or just tell them it was undeliverable, the driver got out of his car and began hiking up the slick street.

As he made his way up the treacherous slope, he says hungry people who lived on the hill “were offering me cash money — I mean big dollars — for this pizza.”

But he remained resolved to deliver the pizza to its intended home, even if it took 20 minutes of slipping and sliding.

When he finally got there, the family that had ordered the pizza admits it wasn’t exactly warm but it wasn’t anything a few minutes in the oven couldn’t fix.

“I believe we’re on earth to help each other,” told the local news. That’s a good lesson that asshats like this guy or this crew of morons could take to heart.

Extra effort: Pizza man scales icy hill to deliver pie []

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