BBB Offers Tips On Returning All The Unwanted Stuff You'll Get Tomorrow

Face it — you don’t actually want anything you’ll receive tomorrow, otherwise you would have found a way to have gotten it yourself by now. So you’ll either be lazy and shove all your gifts in a closet, or get ambitious and go on a returning spree.

The Better Business Bureau delivers some advice on the intricacies of returning gifts.

First off, the BBB advises studying up on the seller’s return policy. Some sales are final, and many require receipts, which you may not have.

If your gift is defective, you have the right to take it back to the store at which it was purchased and get a suitable substitute. “The laws in all states require a store to make good in such cases,” the BBB press release states. “Keep in mind that health regulations may forbid returns of such items as hats, bathing suits or intimate apparel.”

It’s also a good idea to read the warranty paperwork on an item before taking it back. “In some cases, warranties exempt stores from product liability and require consumers to mail the product to a manufacturer or other business in order to receive monetary refunds, credit, or product replacement,” the BBB says, adding that you should keep original packaging and return items quickly in order to beat any time limits for returns.

What’s your plan of attack for returning stuff on Boxing Day and thereafter?

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