My Very Important USPS Package Is Doing Laps Around New York City

A piece of registered mail left Hong Kong on December 7th, and is on its way to Michael in Manhattan. While it has reached the correct city, tracking information shows that the envelope is currently doing laps from Queens to Manhattan. Michael just wants to show up at a post office and pick the darn thing up, but no one can intercept it or even tell him where it is until his neighborhood mail carrier attempts to deliver it at least once.

I know it’s the holidays and the mail can be a mess, but the least the USPS could do is allow me to help them by picking up my package somewhere.

As you can see from the attached screenshot of my tracking progress, my order from Hong Kong is travelling between Queens and Manhattan with no regard for logic. For what it’s worth, it’s going to Manhattan, but not anywhere near where it briefly ended up in Manhattan


I called their help line and spoke with a representative who was annoyed that I was bitching about this package saying it’s only been in transit to the destination since yesterday… without acknowledging that that is the same status it has had since last Thursday. All I want to do is pick the package up at a location. FedEx or UPS would be thrilled if I asked to pick it up. But not the USPS. They cannot provide me with any information until a delivery attempt it made.

Consumerist, what can I do to get my package (obviously not gonna happen before Christmas, though)?

Any postal insiders out there with advice for Michael? It sounds like he’s out of luck until his envelope finishes its laps and is put on the truck.