King Soopers Defends Easter Creep

End displays of Cadbury eggs cropping up in supermarkets in December have had our readers doing double-takes. First there’s Christmas creep, then we had Halloween and Thanksgiving creep, but Easter creep? Yes, because you demanded it to be so, says King Soopers.

When asked about all the early Easter candy, a King Soopers spokesperson told the Denver Post, “They’re great stocking stuffers, and our customers want them.” So there.

For the first time, King Soopers has rolled out the premature Easter candy in all 139 of its stores in Colorado. The store’s parent company is Kroger, and judging by Consumerist reader reports it looks like the Cadbury-Kroger early candy cabal is nationwide.

“Yes, it sounds silly, Easter at Christmas, but it’s doing well,” said the King Soopers spokesperson. So if you don’t like it, don’t worry, it’s not for you. The store also said that they had asked candy maker Cadbury for holiday-related packaging but couldn’t make it happen.

For what it’s worth, I think at my dad’s house I got a Cadbury egg in every Christmas stocking and the only pause it caused was the time it took me to rip off the foil and eat it.

Shoppers stunned as Easter candy shows up in stores [Denver Post] (Thanks to Joe!)

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