Regift Without Getting Caught

Don’t frown when you get awful, impractical gifts. They can serve as valuable currency in the countless occasions in your life in which you’re required to distribute trinkets to people you don’t know or care much about.

Dealnews helps out with a primer on how to regift pointless baubles while avoiding the nightmare scenario of someone calling you out on your charade.

The post advises resurrecting run-down regifted items into like-new state – for instance, swapping out heads of bobblehead dolls or repackaging materials stuck in crusty, worn-down boxes. Also, be sure to use discretion in who you give which gifts to, making sure the present is fit for the occasion and recipient.

Failing the ability to preserve the illusion, you’re best off coming clean about your process and boasting that you’re being clever and eco-friendly by keeping gifts in circulation rather than dumping them in landfills.

What’s the regifting expedition you pulled off that you’re most proud of?

Seasons Repeatings: How To Regift And Not Get Caught [Dealnews]

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