King Soopers Defends Easter Creep

End displays of Cadbury eggs cropping up in supermarkets in December have had our readers doing double-takes. First there’s Christmas creep, then we had Halloween and Thanksgiving creep, but Easter creep? Yes, because you demanded it to be so, says King Soopers.

When asked about all the early Easter candy, a King Soopers spokesperson told the Denver Post, “They’re great stocking stuffers, and our customers want them.” So there.

For the first time, King Soopers has rolled out the premature Easter candy in all 139 of its stores in Colorado. The store’s parent company is Kroger, and judging by Consumerist reader reports it looks like the Cadbury-Kroger early candy cabal is nationwide.

“Yes, it sounds silly, Easter at Christmas, but it’s doing well,” said the King Soopers spokesperson. So if you don’t like it, don’t worry, it’s not for you. The store also said that they had asked candy maker Cadbury for holiday-related packaging but couldn’t make it happen.

For what it’s worth, I think at my dad’s house I got a Cadbury egg in every Christmas stocking and the only pause it caused was the time it took me to rip off the foil and eat it.

Shoppers stunned as Easter candy shows up in stores [Denver Post] (Thanks to Joe!)

The Easter Bunny Continues To Creep Into Father Christmas’ Candy Territory
Forget Christmas — It’s Already Easter At Kroger


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  1. CaughtLooking says:

    I guess they must not sell Christmas candy in Colorado.

    • Loias supports harsher punishments against corporations says:

      We definitely do. But, I’ve found people here tend to, to use a Consumerist staple, make their own holiday food at home. Being the healthiest state in the Union, we find making it ourselves has less calories, fat, sugar, and preservatives. And it’s extra delicious!

      /end Pompous, self-appreciating rant

      • CaptainSemantics says:

        I spent a year in Denver, and I must admit that while there are more people that do the healthy-living thing, there are still plenty of large, lazy slobs in that city. They would always be walking in front of me downtown and on the Auraria campus. I never quite understood how such a healthy state could produce people who are that insanely slow.

        • George4478 says:

          Healthy = walks fast?

          I’m guessing you don’t mosey anywhere you go. :-)

          • CaptainSemantics says:

            Heh, yeah, I definitely belong somewhere like NYC because I do not mosey at all. I am usually a rather quick walker.

            But I always noticed that larger folks walked slower, which makes sense from a physics standpoint. (But I am not a physicist.) I just never noticed Denver being “healthier” than other cities. I just imagined it was Aspen, Vail, and Colorado Springs making the state, on average, healthier than other cities.

            • Loias supports harsher punishments against corporations says:

              I’m a heavyset man, and I walk faster than nearly anyone I know, including some much taller people.

              Anecdotally, pace != weight

            • ChuckECheese says:

              It’s a mile high there. They are probably suffering from hypoxia, which would make them slow and suffocated, possibly even stupid. Next time somebody is walking too slowly in Denver, stop them and ask to see their fingernail beds. If they are blue, well, there you go. If you are carrying an oxygen tank, offer them a whiff.

          • MeowMaximus says:

            This is Colorado – its part of the Great American West – Moseying is a vital part of our cultural heritage!

        • Loias supports harsher punishments against corporations says:

          Some of them are implants from other states. I came for college, stayed for the women.

        • pecan 3.14159265 says:

          I don’t think thin people always walk faster than fat people (we’re all different, after all), though physics would mean that fat people (in general) walk slower than thin people. But, I’ve been to Denver and I agree with your general assessment. People there are downright slow. Everyone just mosies around like they don’t have anywhere to be. Very strange for us because we come from fast-walking DC.

          • Loias supports harsher punishments against corporations says:

            I think that is part of the appeal. We mosey and get to smell the roses, as they say.

        • Miss Dev (The Beer Sherpa) says:

          Remember, that even though we’re the “thinnest” state, we’re still “fatter” that the “fattest” state 19 years ago. In 1991, the fattest states had between 15%-20% of their populations with BMIs over 30. Colorado is the sole state with those same statistics in 2010, all of the rest with larger percentiles.

          Very sad. And slightly off-topic.

  2. Loias supports harsher punishments against corporations says:

    Cadbury has clearly been missing out on a new market share: Christmas [Easter] Eggs.

  3. Warren - aka The Piddler on the Roof says:

    When has there ever been Halloween creep? If anything, the space allotted for Halloween goodies has been reduced to 1/2 an aisle in most stores to make room for Christmas sh*t.

    • laffmakr says:

      Halloween stuff started showing up here right after Labor Day. Does that count?

      • ZekeDMS says:

        Not if Halloween is the next major holiday.

        For it to count as creep, something has to get leapfrogged. We’d need Halloween goodies before Fourth of July even to match the Christmas level.

  4. c!tizen says:

    I’m sure it has nothing to do with the fact that the candy has probably been sitting in the store room for a few years and they need the space. When I was younger I worked at a [redacted] in [redacted] and we had easter candy that was more than 4 years old. They put it out every year until they started getting complaints that it tasted “funny.” Then we had a 75% off sale on candy.

    I never buy any candy or food from [redacted] anymore, especially if I’m in [redacted]

    • George4478 says:

      “I never buy any candy or food from [redacted] anymore, especially if I’m in [redacted]”

      I hear ya. I never smurf any smurfing smurf from Smurf unless I’m totally shitsmurfed.

  5. Blueskylaw says:

    “Yes, because you demanded it to be so, says King Soopers.”

    I also demanded lower prices and organic unicorn milk but so far no deal.

  6. The Lone Gunman says:

    Wow. I thought the headline for this was so totally the title to a new comic book adventure.

    • ElizabethD says:

      Or a new holiday movie along the lines of “The Grinch”.

      • The Lone Gunman says:

        Heh. Can’t you see it now:

        “Who will defend me?” cries the Easter Creep.

        I shall!” bellows King Sooper as he prances in to a fanfare of trumpets…

  7. TooManyHobbies says:

    Fine with me. I don’t buy Easter candy because it’s Easter, I buy it because I love Easter candy. Cadbury mini-eggs are my fav, and I’d love if they were available year-round.

  8. Bsamm09 says:

    Kinda weird to be quasi-celebrating the resurrection/death for man’s sins on his birthday.

  9. ElizabethD says:

    Thanks for attempting to defend the indefensible, King Soopers. (WTF kind of name is “King Soopers”?)

    But: just no.

  10. Sanspants says:

    If this king gives in to the will of the peasants so easily, he isn’t fit to rule.

  11. eturowski says:

    Why don’t all of the seasonal candy manufacturers just sell all of their candy all year round? Then, the Cadbury eggs and Mallo Cups would force the nasty Mary Janes and those random taffy-ish black and orange-wrapped candies (you know which ones I mean) out of existence.

    Confectionery Darwinism.

  12. Fubish says: I don't know anything about it, but it seems to me... says:

    Jeez… did they skip Valentine’s Day?

  13. Onesnap says:

    They have cadbury mini eggs year round in Canada. I had them while on vacation in August. nomnomnom

  14. veritybrown says:

    The reason this is worthwhile for them is because so many people love Cadbury cream eggs that they will buy them regardless of the time of year. I guess it’s easier for Cadbury not to have to repackage them for Christmas. I don’t think hollow chocolate bunnies would go over so well at this time of year, but Cadbury cream eggs…heck, I’d buy some. I’d hate myself for doing it, but I still would.

  15. MB17 says:

    Yeah, I’m cool with year-round Cadbury Caramel Eggs.

  16. CheesyRings says:

    I guess it works…I have already started my Easter shopping becasue it was in the stores.

  17. iDuckie says:

    LOL, I texted this to my mom and she told me that she bought some for my husband and I for our stockings for Christmas when I visit her next week.

  18. yessongs says:

    So at Easter they will have Christmas candy?

  19. Taed says:

    Actually, my wife wants peeps (which I only recall seeing around Easter). I’m going to look around for them now.

  20. KaralynK says:

    I went to my local Kroger last night to pick up a few things I forgot and they had two displays of Easter candy by the self- checkouts. I asked the floor manager about it – he said they got it shipped in a week before thanksgiving and the employees were just laughing non-stop. They didn’t put it out until this when when allegedly corporate made them.

    So yep, I believe it.

    My husband loves Cadbury Creme eggs and so do I, so I might buy some as stocking stuffers, it’s not a bad idea after all.

  21. VouxCroux says:

    I’ll take Cadbury and novelty shaped Reese’s anytime of the year. I also LOVE those small bite sized egg-shaped Reese’s, so if they sell those then it’s cool by me and I’ll buy them be the month April, August, or November.

  22. Intheknow says:

    Good grief – That’s why there’s Christmas candy. Keep the eggs for Easter!

  23. JadePharaoh says:

    To be fair, I wouldn’t mind seeing those delicious Cadbury eggs more often…

  24. cmhbob says:

    It’s not just Cadbury. Reese’s Eggs are out as well, even though the Reese’s Trees ran out two weeks prior at our Kroger. Unreal.

  25. gman863 says:

    At least this beats other stores currently stocking Chia Pets and Snuggies near the checkout.

  26. Get A Amberlance says:

    Surprisingly, I haven’t seen Easter candy in our stores yet. Although I don’t care for all the holiday merging, I could have used jelly beans of any kind. My husband takes them to work for his candy bowl on the desk and they quickly disappear, no matter what time of year it is. I looked for them for a stocking stuffer, but I couldn’t find any. Walmart used to sell their own brand that everyone loved, and I don’t even see them anymore.