Get Up To $175 In The Clorox Bowl Cleaner Class Action

You can get up to $175 if you bought, used, or suffered property damage from using Clorox Automatic Toilet Bowl cleaners, thanks to a class action settlement.

The lawsuit claims that while the package says the cleaner “does not harm plumbing,” the tablets cause the rubber and plastic parts in the tank to corrode. Eventually the tank could fail or the seals aren’t tight anymore, according to the suit. Clorox denies these claims and says the tablets are safe when used properly, but has settled to end the legal battle.

You’re eligible to file for a piece of the settlement if you used the tablets between Dec 13, 2002, to Sep 15, 2010. There are two payout classes: you can claim less than $30 of damage, or you can get up to $175 if you provide explanation and proof of the damage.

The filing deadline is Jan. 28, 2011. Claim forms and more info are available at

Clorox Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner (CATBC) Class Action Lawsuit Settlement [TopClassActions]

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