The Lego Advent Calendar — Now With Naked, Showering Santa

Consumerist reader Trevor was having a look through Lego’s online shop when he decided to take a closer peek at the company’s Lego City Advent Calendar set. And what he saw there was something that could shake any child’s feelings about Kris Kringle to the core.

If you click on the image on the product page, you get a zoom-able image of all the items included in the set.

We’ll let Trevor tell his tale from this point:

In the large group photo, on the right side is the Santa. I had one of those “Is that really what it looks like?” moments. Maybe it’s a bell ringer under a streetlight, and the bell is behind his back, and he’s wearing a flesh-toned suit? Upon zooming in, though, it’s even more clear that it’s a Santa in the shower with a back scrubbing brush…

I know that “The Night Before Christmas” didn’t have a shower scene when I was a kid, and I’m pretty sure it doesn’t now… Why not something like a mall Santa scene, where he’s sitting on a chair, or a reindeer, or a sleigh, or about anything else that’s not involving a naked grown man in the shower?

In Santa’s defense, it appears that he isn’t actually completely naked and is wearing a black thong. Which might actually be worse.

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