Heineken Changes TV Ad; No Longer Thinks Of Women As 'Prey'

It looks like Heineken has had second thoughts about one of its currently running TV ads. After months of airing a commercial which describes a woman at a party as “prey,” the company has altered the voice-over on the ad to now refer to her as a “prize.”

Many eagle-eared readers noticed this change over the weekend and wrote in to tell us about it, and at least two Consumerist staffers noted it while watching football yesterday.

The commercial, which is still running in its old format on YouTube (see below), attempts to overlay a jungle metaphor on a wedding reception. It shows “two types of tigers — one who goes straight to the prey and the one who makes the prey surrender to him.”

Now, in an awkwardly edited change, the instances of “prey” have been replaced with “prize.”

As mentioned, Heineken still has the old ad up on its YouTube page and we can’t find the “prize” version yet. If you find the updated version, please send us a link so we can embed for comparison’s sake.

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