Cheap, Easy Gifts To Hand Out

Nothing can slaughter a budget like a long list of friends and family members who expect gifts from you at the end of the year. It’s tough enough to handle the logistics and man hours it takes to get your holiday shopping done, but you have to be much more creative when funds are tight and you have to think of ways to stretch your meager resources.

Peter at Bible Money Matters has got your back, cranking out dozens of ideas for cheap presents.

Here are some of the more impressive ideas on his list:

*Baked goods — Cookie and brownie mixes are dirt cheap. Even if you’re not a good cook, you can probably follow the instructions on the back of the packages and put together an impressive-looking – if not tasting – batch of goodies.

*Take someone out to meal — You have to eat, so parlay your sunk cost into a checkmark off your gift list by making a lunch or dinner date. If you can dig up a two-for-one coupon at the establishment of your choice, all the better.

*The old-fashioned mix CD — Subject a victim to your musical tastes. If some of the songs catch the gift-ee’s fancy as much as they did yours, you’ve given them something lasting. Bonus: You can run off several copies of the CD for pennies for infinite recipients on your list.

What are your favorite low cost go-to gifts?

The Great Big List Of 75 Frugal Gifts You Can Give This Christmas [Bible Money Matters]

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