Update: Couple Waits 7 Months For FiOs Refund. Instead, They Get A Debt Collector.

There could be some relief on the way for the couple, who, after waiting 7 months for their $144.81 refund from Verizon FiOs, got a call from a debt collector instead.

After we posted about it and the couple sent an email blast to top Verizon executives – with tips@consumerist.com in the CC line – they got a call from the FiOs escalation team. Verizon told them that they will be sending a letter to the credit agencies to get the erroneous information removed from the couple’s credit report.

“They still owe us money but I want to take that up with them after I get that letter,” writes Christine. “Amazing what some potential negative press can do. Will keep you informed!”

Not to mention, amazing what can happen once you get your valid request up and over the front-line laminated binder jockeys.

Couple Waits 7 Months For FiOs Refund. Instead, They Get A Debt Collector.


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  1. Blueskylaw says:

    There should be no need for an escalation team. These are the types of small problems that could have been solved along many points of the process if they cared more about the customer and not about “metrics”.

  2. jason in boston says:

    Unfortunately, I had to do the same thing with Home Depot. Instead – I used all of the 10k information I could find and got help from a member of the board of directors. LIterally a 48 hour turnaround.

    It stinks that it has to work this way.

    • Enduro says:

      I’d love to hear more about what you did. I’ve got a similar issue with Comcast. I moved and they kept billing the old address and sent me to collections all while I was still a member of Comcast in good standing. Unbelievable. My credit card interest rates all went up and I don’t know how to quantify the damages Comcast did.

      • jason in boston says:


        If you are talking damages then you are perhaps thinking going to court. I am not a lawyer. If you want – I always tell friends (i’m the only one out of friends / family that reads consumerist) to find a consumer law attorney in your area and arrange for a 30 minute sit-down. It might cost
        $50 – $100 but he/she will at least make sure all of your ducks are in a row before you take Comcast to small claims count.

        • Enduro says:

          Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll definitely consider that. Fortunately I live in a large area and I’m the kind of person that would spent 50 dollars to get 49 from Comcast and give them a hard time for what they’ve done.

  3. AustinTXProgrammer says:

    They debt collector shouldn’t be posting anything to your credit report without first sending you a letter they intend to collect the debt. At this time you should be able to notify them that you dispute the debt and any attempt to collect it, including reporting to a credit reporting Bureau will be seen as a violation of the FDCPA. When I had a company try to collect a disputed amount (I had the canceled check that they never credited) it worked very well.

  4. dwm says:

    Get ready to sue them anyways I went through this too. The stuff showed up again on my credit report. They really paid big then. Good luck – maybe they learned from their mistakes. Oh heck who am I kidding big companies rarely learn anything they just try to run over consumers. :-( Not all of them but many do.

  5. dracosis says:

    I’m glad common sense prevailed. Still, I will NEVER do business with Verizon. I have heard many personal horror stories from friends, and this is the delicious icing on the cake. I don’t care if they were the last mobile vendor on the planet, I would go without.

  6. mark says:

    I understand what you are going through. I paid them in september and they sold my bill that was paid to a collection agency. Now Midland credit wants my money and told me they do not care that i paid verizon and they want there money. verizon tells me they have no idea what happend to my money but will look into it. they have been for 2 months now.

    • 804sulli says:

      Verizon FioS should be the poster child for customer dissatisfaction and credit fraud. I was an early adopter of fios and have a negative blemish on my credit report that I have disputed to all three agencies, but remains on one. They billed me erroneously for 5 months and I spent countless hours on the phone attempting to get resolved, yet they continuously failed to remediate. Therefore I refused to make any future payments until they demonstrated an interest in correcting. Needless to say, I have since been back with Comcast, yet Verizon harassed me with their marketing to switch back.

      Verizon FioS is the worst customer service. They kept referring me to another office and never calling me back when I would ask for a supervisor. I finally received a call back after switching back to FioS and executive escalations. In response, they finally adjusted the triple billing and rounded the $93.00 monthly rate to be precise. However, when it came to accommodating me for my time and patience, not to mention the soothing of my wife’s migraine(s) from chronic failed attempts to resolve their problems, they take the role of the victim.

      I refused to pay on the principal alone. In conclusion, they have lost a customer for life, and have instead created a strongly dissatisfied advocate for any other competitor.