What Did This Woman Do To UPS To Get On Brown's Blacklist?

An Oregon woman whose medical problems leave her unable to drive thought that being able to buy almost anything online would make her life easier. That was before UPS began its mysterious war with her. Now, she’s forced to either buy from stores that use a different carrier, or have her packages delivered to a neighbor’s house. Why? The Oregonian tried to find out.

UPS representatives told the paper that the petite woman threatened the driver while attempting to return an item to UPS that arrived broken. She claims that she was home alone and scared, and the driver was in a bad mood. Here’s the Oregonian’s account of the incident:

The delivery man who showed up that day appeared to be in a bad mood from the get-go, she said, and rather aggressively grabbed for the box after handing her another, new delivery.

As he started down the driveway, she looked at the new package and commented that it looked a bit banged up, too.

“Then he just spun around, stormed back up and got in my face saying, ‘You want me to take that one, too'” said [the customer] who admitted she was home alone and a bit scared. “I slammed my door and said, ‘Maybe.'”

For now, all of her deliveries are either delivered to the neighbor’s house or returned to the sender. The paper’s consumer reporter helped the woman take her complaint to the state attorney general’s office….and there it stands.

The rather discouraging moral: don’t annoy your deliveryperson if you hope to ever receive another package again.

Who will see that shipment through? [OregonLive] (Thanks, Anton!)

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